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Our product is 100% guaranteed.

Our product is 100% guaranteed.
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Facts About USA Grant
Facts About USA Grant
You can find all of the important answers to the questions you need here on our questions and answers page. Also see how we stack up to our competition.
We have Grantwriting tips, forms, and applications. We give you the latest on available grants, about how and when to apply. We give you money options for Loans, Scholarships, and Grants for Students, Small Businesses, Housing, Minorities, and Women. And above all, we make it simple and easy to understand.

Compare us to any of our competitors and you'll see our value is significantly greater!

How we stack up to our Competition.
Comparison Chart of USA Grant Money to our Competition.

USA Grant MONEYİ has three different packages: a Book and CD ROM package, a CD only package, and a Download only package for quick and easy information.

What Customers Say About USA Grant MONEYİ
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Are Free Cash Government Grants Real?
We get this question every day. To a certain extent you are right. Nobody from the US Government is driving around throwing money out the window of a station wagon. Money is given away for things such as your own small business, housing, and education. For small business grants you need a completed a business plan, which the program helps you to put together. There are millions in grants paid to people just like you every year to ensure that you get the assistance you need. There are millions in grants paid to local communities every year so that you can have Free Rent. These are Grants. If someone pays your rent isn’t that a form of a free cash grant?

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Why is there a charge for these Free Cash Grants?
Actually, we don't charge a penny for the Grant information itself. However, we have spent thousands of hours researching, compiling, and creating a resource guide that contains all the information available on getting a grant today so you don't have to. The costs also cover our website expenses, the staff, and to further continued research and grant guide compiling. We've really created a time saving product that saves you valuable time and energy.

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What is The Difference between the 3 packages?
Platinum consists of the CD and the Grant Guide. The book has 4 actual grant proposals in it that we analyzed a paragraph at a time showing you what they did right and what they did wrong. It also has a detailed breakdown of a business plan and a marketing plan that is written for the everyday individual and you do not need to be a rocket scientist, doctor or lawyer to understand what it is that we are trying to teach you.

Gold means we ship you the physical CD. It consists of only the software program.

Silver is a download of the software only. This takes place computer to computer via the Internet. Nothing physical is sent and the download is non-refundable.

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What is Included in Each Package?
Our package contains all of the information you need in order to complete the process including writing business plans and grant proposals. Each package also contains a 1-800 number for a FREE Consultation with one of our Start - Up Specialists.

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How does the Guarantee work?
USA Grant MONEY.comİ offers a 100% guarantee on any purchase made from us. We do not offer refunds on download guides, but will guarantee the condition and content of the guides downloaded from our site. Here is a link to our company guarantee page.

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What Customers Say About USA Grant MONEYİ

What If I am having any Problems?
Send us an e-mail with any problems that you are having and Please provide as much of the following information as possible so that we may better assist you.
1. Billing Last Name:
2. Billing Email:
3. First four and last four numbers of credit card used for
4. Transaction number or invoice number
5. Did you order via the Internet, Phone, Fax or mail in payment. 6. Name of website you ordered from.
What Customers Say About USA Grant MONEYİ
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What is On the CD?
Our program provides you with 100% of the Federal Grant Database. You will perform a search based on your criteria and will be presented with numerous results once you review those results you will decide based on the descriptions and funding type which agency you want to apply to. Yes you can even request copies of approved application from the funding agency.

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How is the Product Shipped?
All orders are SHIPPED within 24 hours via USPS (United States Postal Service). Your order should arrive 3 - 4 business days after the order date

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What type credit do you need?
You can have a Bankruptcy yesterday and receive a grant tomorrow. There are no credit checks, no collateral required and no co-signers! These are Grants which mean they never have to be paid back!

What Customers Say About USA Grant MONEYİ
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What is the limit on the number of Grants I can apply for?
You may apply for as many Grants as you like under as many different categories as you like!

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I have a great business idea. How much can I get?
Between $500.00 and $5,000,000.00. Every agency has its limits. Remember you can apply to as many agencies as you want!

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How to I write a Grant?
USA Grant MONEYİ supplies Grant Writing software, example pages, and Grant Writing tips that will instruct you on exactly how to successfully represent yourself and your ideas for Government Grants. It's simple and easy to use!

More About Grant Writing
More about our Grant Writing Software

How do I become an affiliate?
USA Grant MONEYİ has numerous business affiliates partners, and we'd love to have you join our group! Our business community is one of the fastest growing on the internet, and one of the ways we expand so well is by keeping close contact with those who support us. Becoming an affiliate to USA Grant MONEYİ means you're connected to the traffic we attract, and that's good for business!

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