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Our product is 100% guaranteed.

Our product is 100% guaranteed.
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About our Grant Software.
About our Grant Software.
Our Grant Search Software is a state of the art software program that will give you the average grant seeker the ability to search the entire 7,000 page Federal Grants database in seconds! Our Grant Search Software gives you every tool you need in order to receive your Free Government Grants!

What is this Software for?

Our team of highly trained Software professionals have created the The Most Recent, Accurate & Complete Grant Information Software Program available anywhere! We have dedicated ourselves to providing a top quality program that provides not only thousands of Free Cash sources but also instructs you in the most important steps, the creation of the Grant Proposal & Applications. For those seeking Business Grants you will also be able to easily create a custom Business Plan using the Business Plan software that is built right into our Grant Search Software.

IMAGE - grant cdOur Grant Search Software is a federally registered & Trademarked Software Program that was created to fulfill the needs of both the professional and Private Grant Seekers.

Our Grant Search Software lists every single program currently funded by the U.S. Government!

Our Grant Search Software provides a listing of all Federal Government grants and loans. It will also show you the Funding amount for Current year and last fiscal year. You can find all of this out in a fraction of a second with Our Grant Search Software.

Our Grant Search Software is a One of a Kind Software Program. It is a completely stand alone program and needs no other programs to operate. The competition would have you believe that they are providing you with a software program when actually all you receive is a list of "Documents" that need other programs to run. Or they provide a single document that requires an Internet Connection to visit Government Web Pages.

What our Grants Software Does.

The Federal Catalog.

Grant Search Software - grant catalog screenshot.

The Catalog section allows you to actively search the entire Government Grant Database. You determine the search criteria. If you are unsure of exactly what to search for, we have even gone so far as to add an index of predefined search terms that you can select from. There are various filters that can be put in place that you can use to narrow or broaden your search.

The simple act of typing in the words "small business" into the Grant Search Software Search Feature yields over 140 results in less than 3 seconds! Type in the word "business" and you instantly receive an amazing 402 results!

.....402 Results
Small Business..
.....145 Results
.....953 Results
.......70 Results
.....168 Results
.....268 Results

This is just a small sampling of the information provided in our Grant Search Software Every time you receive results on a search you will be provided with every available detail on that program along with the Average Grant award, Who can apply, and all known contact details.

Here are some of our Software Features.
Grant Application Wizard!
Grant proposal Wizard!
Business Plan Wizard!
Standalone Program!
Easy to use!
Auto Run!
Searchable Database
No internet connection needed!

Looking for a Business Grant and haven't written your business plan yet? No worries! Our Grant Search Software will allow you to Design the perfectly written Business plan for your needs. You can design and create multiple Business Plans for presentation to multiple agencies!

How our Grants Software Works.

The Application Wizard.

Grant Search Software - directory screenshot.

Our Grant Search Software is the only software program that not only finds the money but also completes the application and pre-request letters.

Using our Grant Search Software you can fill out and then print your federal grant applications in no time. Pick and choose the agency or agencies you want to apply to. All of this in a matter of seconds.

Once you find a program that you would like to apply to simply click the Application Wizard and with a few simple keystrokes you will complete your Official Government Grant Application.

Also as part of the program you will be able to complete a pre application request letter. This professionally written letter is completed based on the information you supply when creating your application.

The Business Plan Wizard.

Grant Search Software - business plan wizard.

Our Grant Search Software has its own Built in Business Plan Software program created just for the Business Professional.

Here you will be able to point and click your way to a perfectly written business plan. The template that this plan is based on has been used successfully to fund over 200,000 businesses.

Grant Search Software - business plan screenshot.

The Business Plan Wizard has been specifically designed to create a business plan that will appeal to both Grant Giving agencies and banks alike.

Free Grant Writing Software!

Grant Search Software - tutorial screenshot.

Writing your Grant is the most important thing that you will do during the upcoming process. Though virtually every company out there states that they teach you how to write your grant We are the only company providing you with a Grant Writing Software program. Since this is by far the most critical aspect of the process don't you want to use a company who provides you with the complete package?

A Software tutorial that provides you with step by step instructions on Grant Writing!

Examples of successfully written Grant Proposals!
A mock Grant writing activity where you will actually write a proposal!
Specific instructions on completing the forms required!
Complete listings of forms required for the different Grant activities!

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